Importance of Consistency

Hi Everyone! We’re excited to share some ideas on training, recovery, and keeping your running fun!  My name is Coach Vidal and I’ve been a runner and student of the sport for over 26 years. Helping others with their goals is a passion of mine and I’m looking forward to helping you too!

In this first post, I want to emphasize the importance of consistency. Regular running, at the right effort level, is one of the main keys to staying injury free. Consistency is different for everyone. We all have other priorities in addition to staying healthy. Yes, your health is a priority!  If you haven’t been treating it as such, then today is your time to start!

Identifying your running availability is the first step. The more specific you are, the better! The point is to realistically identify ideal running days for you. I won’t go into a full training plan here, instead, think of this as your default running schedule. Your bare minimum running week.

Here’s an example of how I prioritize my running days when I’m not training for a race. One great thing about Medalocity is that you’ll be able to earn medals even for your regular training miles! Stay tuned for more on that!

  1. Determine my mileage for the week. I like to have a default of 20 miles.
  2. Determine any unusual commitments for the week.
    1. I.e. Sister’s wedding this weekend. Therefore my normal Saturday run will need to be moved.
  3. Build out your week:
    1. Monday- REST
    2. Tuesday- 4 miles (Including hill repeats)
    3. Wednesday- 4 Miles Easy pace
    4. Thursday- Off
    5. Friday- 6 miles Easy pace
    6. Saturday- REST
    7. Sunday- 6 miles Easy pace

I’ve found that while it’s great to have a dedicated training schedule, it’s also fun to experiment with different days of the week or even times of day. For even more variety, trying out a local trail can really mix things up!

So get out there, have fun and stay safe!

Coach Vidal

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