1) What is Medalocity?

Medalocity is a virtual running club which seeks to spread our joy and passion of running and sharing it with the world.  We will host several “virtual races” every month with their own creative theme and medal designs.  We plan to have challenges, races, and eventually kids races.

1) Why should I sign up for a Virtual Race?

Do you hate crowds?  Hate getting up super early just to find a parking spot.  Do you shame yourself when you are passed by people in real-life races?  Do you need extra motivation to get moving?  If you answered yes to any of these then Virtual Races are for you.  Once registered for an event, you are free to run the race when you want and if the mileage is too daunting for you.  Feel free to split up the distance between several runs to get your mileage.  You times never matter and you will get your medal regardless of how long, and how many sessions, it takes your to complete it.

1) What is a Virtual Race?

Virtual races are like traditional races where you receive awesome bling and community support. However, the race is ran when ever you want with who ever you want. You can run, walk and/or hike your race at any time even on a treadmill. You simply report your time on our Facebook page (Optional) – we then send you a medal and/or shirt when you complete the mileage and/or when the race period ends.

2) Where does my registration fee go?

Your registration fee is used to pay for:  Finisher Medals, Shipping and Registration fees, Donations to a Charity (25% for each race), Growth of the Business!

3) Can anyone participate?

Anyone can participate.  Rather your fast or slow – we encourage all ages and abilities.

4) Can I walk and do I have to complete all the distance in one sitting?

Most people complete their run all at once.  However, feel free to walk as everyone is welcome to Run our Races anyway they want.  The point is to go out and get active.  If you cannot complete the distance at one time then do it over several outings at your leisure.

5) Do I have to complete the distance to receive my medal?

Not at all.  We mail medals to all who sign up at the end of the race period.  We only ask that you do the best you can and get active.

6) How do I track my distance and time my run?

We rely on the honor system and you can track your results anyway you like.  We recommend using a GPS Watch or smartphone apps such as Run keeper.